Unique pieces

Craft, handicraft, making, slöjd… I have chosen to not define by words the part of my work where I make unique pieces. This is simply my personal creative lab, where I test ideas, reflect, research, and learn, but also let ideas take time to grow in its own pace. The result of my work is sometimes exhibited, but it can also end up as new workshop ideas, new products or just experiments with materializing thoughts.

You may have seen my stamp prints on Instagram? I make a few stamps every week and then print patterns and pictures. It started as a creative challenge several years ago, when I made a stamp a week for a year, but since then I have just continued. I like the hand-cutted expression, but also the freedom and limitation of the analog work. If you also would like to try stamp printing, you can attend one of my workshops.

Example of my work

Embroidery and screen printing
Oops (hoppsan in Swedish).Sometimes a misprint can bring new ideas to live
Embroidered and crocheted wall hangings
Screen printing
Stamp printing. How many varaitions can you do with a blue triangle and a red dot?
Korsstygn - Illustration